Frequently asked questions

Q: What is DTG Printing

A: Direct to Garment printing is similar to inkjet printing. A printer head deposits ink directly onto the material, thereby creating the programmed image. The technology was revolutionized by the arrival of the Epson SureColor F2000 5C which brought a new breed of ink and hardware to the market. Images printed with the Epson Surecolor feature longetivity and elasticity that its competitors are still struggling to match.  Dtg inks are non toxic and water based. Despite that, the ink is chemically formulated to bond with the cotton of a shirt, meaning that it won't simply wash off.

Q: What size can you print?

A: Maximum 38x48cm

Q: What T-shirts do you  print on

A: We print using the 100% cotton t-shirts from select suppliers. We have found they are the best quality currently available in South Africa for our purposes.

Q: I want a custom print, what do you need to quote?

What we need in order to do a quote: *High resolution art (1500 pixels at its shortest side. Example 1500 x 2000)
*Tiff or PNG format with a transparent background / or a photograph that you’d like printed
*Desired shirt colour and size ( Colours Black or White and Sizes XXS - 3XL) To get started, send us an email with an example of the art and shirt details at admin@fancentric.co.za

Q: Which Payment methods do you accept?

Pay securely with card with YOCO or manually with EFT

Q:There is a shiny area or seam on my black t-shirt.

Don't panic ! While we try to remove most of it, this is only our non-toxic pre-treatment we need to put on black shirts, for the ink to properly bond into the cotton. This creates smooth prints, but also leaves a bit of a shine. Wiping down with a wet cloth or a rinse will remove all traces.

Q: My hoodie is a tighter fit than my t-shirt, but they are labelled the same size

The hoodies and t-shirts are hand made by different manufacturers. Check the respective size charts; there can be differences. And the hoodie is made from a thicker material. It will be a slightly tighter fit, even on the same external measurements


When do I get my order?

Your order is shipped on the first working day after it is placed and paid for.

If there is a problem with your order, such as FanCentric

being out of stock of a specific shirt size you ordered, we’ll be in

contact almost immediately after the order has been received.

Shipping is offered with courier to almost all locations throughout

South Africa.

For outlying regions alternative shipping options will be used, such as

Postnet. We will ship to the nearest Postnet if there is not one in your


Shipping times vary from same day delivery (once

the order has been processed) for Gauteng, to overnight for main

centres and 2-3 days for outlying regions.

Can I pick up my order?

Collection is available in Menlo Park, Pretoria.

What is your return policy?

Every shirt you order at Fancentric is printed for you on-demand by hand.
That’s what distinguishes us from other e-commerce retailers. If there is
a defect on the print, let us know at admin@fancentric.co.za and we can find a

solution together.

Please note we do not exchange sizes. Therefor, be sure to check the
sizing chart before ordering.